Why following your passion is emotionally challenging?

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Many hear, follow and encourage messages that say by simply following your passion you can achieve success and money in life. But this is rarely true; passion is not enough to gain achievements, there are many more ingredients needed for you to achieve your success in what you do.

Other than this we are also quite uneducated about the various emotional challenges that following your passion brings you. We just look at the good that following our passion brings us and neglect the negative effects that it brings us. But don’t worry; this article is going to educate you about all this by stating the various emotional challenges that following your passion brings and those are

1. What if you don’t know what your passion is?

To truly know what your passion is, it is important that you try each and everything that this vast world has to offer. This task is almost unachievable because one person will have to give up his/ her whole life to try everything. There are only a few lucky people who have found their passions. So how can you actually find your passion? What if you never find it? Can you ever succeed in life? Such questions are sure to emotionally challenge you.

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2. Does passion guarantee success?

Many feel that passion is enough to achieve success in life but on the contrary, there are many people who don’t have passion, yet have achieved excellence in their field of work. So always remember that passion just ignites love for what you do but without the right amount of hard work and dedication you cannot achieve the goals you desire. You need to be emotionally prepared that your passion will not always bring you success.

3. Is it plausible to build your life around your passion?

Passion of a certain work or thing cannot become the centre of your life and it is not practically possible to build your life around this passion. As many of us know that life is unpredictable, it changes from time to time and without being ready to submit to this change, we cannot survive. Being passionate about something is a good thing but making it everything in life can prove to be very disastrous as it will cause us great emotional distress when things don’t go according to our passion’s accord.

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4. What if you are passionate about various things?

Being passionate about one thing is rarely possible; many of us have various passions that we pursue, we love all of them. But how will you decide which is the passion you must follow? Is there any guarantee that your choice of passion will bring you success? There is no confirmed answer to these questions but thinking about them is sure to cause you great emotional distress.


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5. Is there a guarantee that ‘following your passion’ will bring you happiness?

‘Following your passion’ requires you to invest a lot, both emotionally and physically. But have you thought of what to do if your passion doesn’t bring you happiness? Can you pursue your passion even thought is doesn’t bring you happiness? Many think that if they try hard enough they can get happiness but the work that it takes to do this will surely have a bad impact on your emotional state of mind.

‘Following your passion’ is not always the ideal way to go. So mold your passion to achieve your goal in your unique way.