Why You Should Be Like An Eagle

‎Are you wondering what an eagle has to do with anything? Or even what it has to do with the type of person you are? Why not some other animals, probably a monkey, a baboon, or even a dog? What’s peculiar about an eagle and why should you be like one?

The eagle when compared to other birds is what Zeus, the chief deity of the pantheon has to do with ancient Greek. By the order of Nomenclature, an eagle belongs to the Class Aves just like every other bird. It has wings, beak, feathers as well as parts which are possessed by other birds. However, this dosent make it like any other birds. Even the resemblance vultures enjoyed in build and flight has been ravaged by the eagle’s fully feathered head, strength and its symbolic figure. Also, the eagle would not prey on a rotten carcass.

What Does an Eagle Mean Symbolically?

eagle symbolisesA Jaguar would symbolizes power just like a cat would represent luck, but not even a lion could find a place on Roman ruins, which the eagle did even on coins and medals, and we ask why? The eagle soars. The eagle’s soaring is a sign of courage and of freedom. The eagle stands for a lot more, all depending on the type of meaning you want to interpret its soaring too. However, it is important to say its peculiarity lies in its soaring.


The Soaring Eagle

Eagles are known to soar to high altitude, as a result of this, they have light bodies, strong bones, powerful wings and light feathers which help to make their flight easier. The eagle soars mainly with the help of their wings, which is constantly being flapped in strokes. Of course, this constant flapping allows it to lift it body to fly. It can as well decide to fly faster or slower, but this is determined by the direction of its wings. To fly faster it turns its wings into thin air and allows itself to be cut-through. However, to slow down, it turns the wing’s wide surface to the air to be dragged. They can also choose to perform a lot of tricks as they are allowed this by their wings.
The eagle is carnivorous and therefore, swipes down once in a while to catch preys. It does this mainly in a swift and non suspicious manner. A prey is sighted? It circles, dive down and snatch! It already has modified parts such as the beak and claws to help it tear the prey.

Why you should be like an eagle and how to be one

For you to reach high altitude, soar high, live your dreams and achieve your aims, then you should choose to be like an eagle. From modifications, it is reasoned that the parts of an eagle is what give it its power and strength- the light body, its strong bones, light feathers and powerful wings. The eagle’s parts are the main aid for its soaring. If you really wish to achieve that goal, develop the body of an eagle. Of course, not the wings or the feathers essentially but virtual parts of your own that will help you to keep acing and soaring high are the parts to develop.Develop a light body such that you are open to other people’s idea and quite dynamic. If the eagle had a heavy body, would it be able to fly? It would have a lot of trouble drifting with the wind nevertheless flying. When you open yourself to other peoples’ idea and opinions and you also move with the times, you stand a lot of chance to learn more, to know a lot of things and gather experience which you do not have priory. If you are open to ideas, you also stand a chance of meeting a lot of other people as well.

eagle life

Grow light bones by forgiving people easily. People are full of deception and you will find no perfect being anywhere. But for you to move on and not be shackled by the past, then you need to forgive the many that will offend you on the path you have set on. Not forgiving people is like carrying luggage around with you, for you will remember the offences as many times as possible and this may slow you down.

An eagle’s light feathers covered up its powerful wings. You do not have to show the world all your trump card. Avoid show off and bluffing. Rather do works that will improve you and show that you can through your results. An observer who plucks a feather from an eagle will have no idea of its powerful wings; however it is during flight that it is shown. Surprise positively people who may have underestimated you with awe some results. Nevertheless, do not hide your talent because you want to surprise, take chances and make use of opportunities.

How does an eagle pick flight? By flapping it wings. This shows that you can only make use of what you have to get what you do not have. Without wings to flap, there will be no flight. Your wings are your talents, they are what make you who you are and what makes you unique. Do not hide what you can offer the world, show your talent and it will take you places. Try as many times as possible to perfect it, then use it! It is then that you can soar.

be like an eagleWhether you will achieve lots of great things or not depends on you. The eagle allows it wings to be controlled by air for it to fly faster or slower (but in different manners). If you are going to let the people around you influence you negatively or positively, it’s your choice to make. If the audience will determine the height you will reach as well is also your choice. Will you listen to any and every gossip that is being said about you? Will you allow that to slow you down or help you to accelerate? It’s all a decision to be made by you. Of course, you should be open to constructive criticism because only people around you can give that as well. But, how you really let the people around you affect you is basically your choice.

Tricks are allowed in the game called Life. Just like you do not have to show all your cards to people, people will do the same. Trust is a trick, love is another. However, the depth and meaning determines whether they will be used to your advantage or not. At times in life, you may be down, depressed and disencouraged. Giving up may be the only option that seem available. But really it’s a trick that life plays. Life tries to daunt us with all the obstacles and fears so that we do not go after that dream of ours. Therefore you have to play it as well. At moments like that, you have to pick yourself up, encourage yourself not to give up and move on!

Be ambitious! Do not let what anyone tells you discourage you. A hungry eagle dives for its prey swiftly after a little while. Go for whatever you want irrespective of obstacles. Study the circumstances/ conditions around that thing you want with care, make strong decisions to go for it. If you really want to, then you will.
The Goal of being like an eagle

The goal of having to be like an eagle is essentially for you to know about the basic things that makes an eagle different and significant from other birds, so you can be the same. The goal is to help you to reach for that goal you want and to reach the top. The goal is to see yourself full of strength and power pursing that ambition you’ve always wanted. The goal is to see you soaring high and not been affected by negative thoughts or obstacles around you. It is to be above every other bird and be a master in your profession. You do not have to hurt people on your way, you do not have to be too desperate or take desperate measures. You do not have to conform always, but still, be open to ideas and learn from your surroundings. Avoid gossips and back biting about other s, because that is one of the attribute that will differentiate you from other birds. Know that you do not belong to them. But still make friends and live a good life.

The Bottom Line

However, avoid arrogance and pride. Do the things you want to and be able to make strong –life changing decisions for yourself. Overcome obstacles and fight fear. You can achieve your aims only if you are able to leave out those voices that will keep discouraging you. You can do all that you want to do, you can be all that you wish to be, you can soar high and above, only if you let yourself. You can be as free as an eagle and keep soaring high…